Life Assurance

Life Assurance

The three pillars of our service are Financial Independence, Financial Security and Peace of Mind – we would not be able to deliver these things without the use of appropriate protection policies.

We ask our clients if they would still want their family to be able to enjoy the same lifestyle if they were not around. We also ask them if they would still want to be able to achieve their retirement goals on time if they became ill and their income stopped for a year or two. The answer to these questions is always a resounding yes, and the way to achieve this security and peace of mind is usually through the implementation of life assurance, critical illness cover and income protection.

Choosing appropriate protection is about more than just choosing the cheapest policy. Many providers use different underwriting criteria, cover different conditions and have different definitions of what would qualify for a claim under these conditions. There are also big differences in features and claim fulfilment ratios, all of which need to be understood and appreciated in recommending the right provider to a client.

PIA’s planners are well versed in the protection market and continually stay up to date with developments. Often, we have direct access to senior underwriters to be able to check the likely acceptance terms before applications are placed. These factors ensure that our clients can be given the best possible advice.

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