Financial planners are not investment managers and do not control the way in which investment markets move, but it is imperative that a financial planner has a good knowledge of investing and the factors surrounding this important area of advice.

We believe that the value of financial planning in relation to investments centres around ‘coaching’ clients on what to expect along their investment journey. We guide them through the core principles and common pitfalls that many people fall in to.

In preparing a plan we:

  • Explain the concept of risk, its importance to investing and how to benefit from it, yet reduce its downside potential
  • Explain how time, i.e. how long you are investing for, interacts with investment risk
  • Align the investment strategy to your needs over the short, medium and long term
  • Maximise tax efficiency by using our advanced knowledge of the reliefs and allowances available to you, which in turn improve growth and income potential

All of the above is done in adherence with our detailed Centralised Investment Proposition and Centralised Retirement Proposition, which are a bespoke set of policies created in collaboration with some of the leading investment strategists in the UK.

Our robust processes have won plaudits from a number of professional commentators, but their primary purpose is to protect our clients and maximise the potential for positive outcomes.

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