Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Using our thorough understanding of our clients’ lifestyles and wishes, as well as our advanced knowledge of the ‘Planning Tools’ available to us, we are able to help our clients retain more of their hard-earned wealth and ensure as much of it as possible stays within their family instead of being lost to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

This is only possible through our in depth understanding of the UK taxation framework and how it interacts with trusts and other planning strategies.

Estate Planning advice naturally becomes part of the planning journey with our clients, usually as they progress through retirement.

Central to our belief though is that the necessity for IHT planning is only symptomatic of a lack of true lifestyle planning earlier on in a person’s life. Quite often, people build up sums of money that later become subject to IHT simply because no one has correctly advised them how much they can comfortably spend or gift at the start of their retirement.

Our lifestyle focussed planning does just this, and in many cases removes the need for expensive planning later on in life. The most positive outcome of this approach is that people live their chosen lifestyle with complete confidence and peace of mind.


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